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Water Treatment Guide
All of our advice is free so please feel free to ask any question you may have.There are water treatment systems for all problems, but they all require regular maintenance. Regular inspection of the whole of the supply followed by simple repairs and maintenance can do much to improve most water supplies. Levels of contamination can vary throughout the year due to the weather and agricultural practice.  Some problems can only be solved by installing some form of water treatment system. Some supplies have very low water pressure, and should have a pump fitted to enable proper filtration. We supply water pumps, pressure sets and switching systems for all applications. Pressure tanks are available for larger applications.  All of our advice is free so please contact us to ask any question you may have.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Things to Avoid
Open collection tanks, pipes above ground, open channelling, livestock access to collection area, lead pipe work, open storage tanks, positioning of water tanks near obvious pollutants ie: septic tanks, slurry ponds, manure heaps, silage bays, stock on top of the source, drain outfalls and refuse heaps.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes What are the water treatment systems that could be used?
A Sediment Filter Housing is a filter housing which takes a sediment cartridge. It is used to filter out some of the heavier suspended material.  Cheap to install, cartridges can also be used to remove chemicals, heavy metals or to improve taste and odour, they can also contain a medium to correct low pH (acidic water).
Ultra Violet Units remove bacteria and viruses and offer good flow rates, the tubes need changing every 9-12 months.  Kept longer, they will only heat the water and raise the temperature for the bacteria to thrive, and just waste electricity. The water needs to be pre-filtered of sediment to keep the unit clean and working at 100%. Any units used above 70 psi, should have a pressure reducing valve fitted, this will not reduce flow rates but will keep the pressure at a safe level.
Chlorination is hardly ever used in the private water section. If not properly regulated, ie all organic debris removed with pre-filters, it produces THM's which in turn produces cancer risks, and make the water taste foul (TCP).
Ceramic Filters - very fine ceramic filters for removing bacteria, or if mixed with carbon, chemical removal as well.  These block very easily and need a very fine pre-filter or exceptionally clear water; they are fragile and need frequent cleaning.
Water leaks due to acidic water with blue/green stains in the sink require pH correction. We can supply a pressure vessel for problems with pipe erosion .
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Water and the EEC
The water supply (water quality) regulations 1991 set minimum quality standards incorporating those laid down by the European Community Directive on quality of water intended for human consumption. Public and private supplies are required to comply with the requirements of the regulations. A private water supply should be registered with the council from April 1992.
Further regulations lay down minimum frequency for the sampling and testing of private supplies by local authorities to ensure compliance with the private water supply regulations 1991. Most private domestic water supplies will come under category 1 class F, which will not have to be tested yearly, but any property that supplies water to the public (Caravan sites, guest houses etc) will have regular tests carried out from once a year, up to twenty four times depending on the category they come under, ie 50 people and below about once or twice per year of which the owners will have to pay.  The number of tests will be set by the environmental health department of your council.  It is important that the supply never fails; so start clean.
The local government and housing act 1989 states that a dwelling house is unfit for human habitation unless it has an adequate piped supply of wholesome water. the local authority has to consider whether the dwelling-house has such a supply, it has to consider if the water is wholesome, has a continuous and adequate rate of supply, has piping designed and installed not to contaminate the supply, and has an outlet conveniently above the sink. If you are buying a property then it is up to you to satisfy yourself that the supply is wholesome and adequate, there is no recourse to the seller/vendor.
Similar remedial powers for local authorities in relation to wholesome and sufficient private water supplies are contained in the water act 1991, which also gives local authorities powers of entry of premises. The council has no responsibility for provision or maintenance of private supplies, but they are willing to give any advice they can. A private water supply is the responsibility of the user, and if the property is sold the new owners need to be made aware of the need to maintain the water supply.
Bball.gif - 906 bytesWater Problems Solved by Filtration
In most cases where you have a water test failure, it is because of the bacteria content of the water, this is easily solved by first installing a sediment filter, and then an ultraviolet disinfection system. The sediment filter is used to take out particles from the water that can reflect the UV light and reduce its effectiveness. UV light is used to remove any waterborne bacteria in the water.
Filter housings are very versatile; they will accept specialized media and cartridges which perform a range of water conditioning needs to meet the wide variety of water quality problems. They incorporate a pressure release valve for easy cartridge change and a dynamically sealed closure with self-cleaning O-rings to prevent leakage and clogging. We stock the best filter housing on the market for price and quality and it is fully covered by our 14 day money back guarantee.
Our water filter cartridges meet the British standard BS6920, which is a pre-condition for listing under the Water Bylaws Advisory Service Certificate No.9005031, and also meets the very strict American FDA criteria. Our filter cartridge is one of the best on the market.
The filter housings are used for different types of cartridges, i.e. sediment filtration, particles like sand, down to below 1 micron which you can not see with the naked eye.  To give you some idea (.) measures 50 microns. Cartridges can also be used to remove chemical and heavy metals and improve taste and odour. They can also be used as a pre-filter for a pH unit or UV filter. All the connections range from " to 1" BSP which are the standard pipe fittings.
Our range is very large and no two water problems are the same, all our advice is free, along with our estimates. Please feel free to ask about any problem, filter or leaflet you may require.

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