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All the equipment we source and install has been carefully selected and represents good quality and value for money in terms of cost, reliability and availability of spare parts.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Correcting Low pH Levels of Acidic Water
If your water supply has a low pH value, it is acidic.  We offer a safe, simple and effective treatment for acidic water problems, which may only be apparent when your copper pipes begin to seep water and your hot water cylinder leaks.  Blue/green stains in the bath and sink are good indicators that you have acid water.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes KDF Drinking Water Filters
The most effective way to ensure that your drinking water is of the highest standard is to use a home water filtration system.  These water filters provide a cost effective, healthy and eco friendly alternative to bottled water.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Iron & Manganese Removal Filters
Chemicals such as iron or manganese may make the water look or taste unpleasant and can cause clothes to be badly stained when they are washed.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Nitrate Removal Filter

Nitrates occur naturally at low levels in most water supplies. Higher levels of nitrate can arise in agricultural areas where nitrogenous fertilisers are commonly used. 

Bball.gif - 906 bytes Sediment Filters
Sediment filtration is used to remove unwanted particles from the water, so that it looks cleaner, or to remove particles that might hinder UV water filtration.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Ultraviolet Filters
Ultraviolet water filtration uses UV light to kill any bacteria and viruses in water.  A UV water filter is one of the safest ways to disinfect water.  It does not use chemicals and does not alter taste.

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