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Nitrate Filter
Nitrate Water Problems Solved by Nitra-Out Media
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Product Description
Nitra-Out is a strongly basic, high porosity, high capacity media. It has excellent and proven capacity for nitrate removal as well as superior elution (regenerative) characteristics. It is specifically designed for short retention times and POU cartridges or POE canisters. It can be used in water softening equipment, regenerated with saturated brine.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Features
Bball.gif - 906 bytes High nitrate capacity (6-10) EPA recommended levels.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Exceptional selectivity for nitrate.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes High nitrate loadings (~ 445,00 mg NO3-N/ft3 )
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Short contact time 5-30 sec even in the presence of common competition (eg sulphate)
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Excellent durability
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Technical Specifications ~ Operating Conditions Physical Properties
Bball.gif - 906 bytes pH No restrictions Colour amber
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Max. temperature (ci) 170 0f weight 44 lbs/ft3
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Freeboard approx. 40-50% Physical form hard beads
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Service flow rate 2 to 4 gpm Min bed dept 6"
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Capacity 95% efficient 20,000 ppm approx. based on 400 galls @ 500ppm 6 months average.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes The filter water must be bacteriologically safe.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Cartridge size is 10" to fit standard 10" housings:
Note: We can also supply lead or heavy metals removal cartridges:
Please ask for leaflets on any filtration problem.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes Nitrate Filter Kit
The filter kit comes complete with filter housing, cartridge, tap kit, piping, stop valve, etc.
We recommend a tap kit because it has cheaper running costs, You only filter the water you drink or cook with, so the filter life is not wasted.


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