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Iron and Manganese in Water Supplies
Manganese dioxide is used for the removal of iron and manganese plus magnesium hydroxide for pH correction. The removal method is based on a special concentrated mixture and works on potable water by catalytic oxidation.
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Manganese dioxide is a black/brown granular filter material used in pressure or gravity systems. It contains an active insoluble catalyst to precipitate iron or manganese. (This turns the dissolved iron/manganese in the water into larger lumps that get caught in the medium). As the water passed thought the medium it reacts with the medium and dissolved oxygen and stays in the filter bed, this flocculent material which is filtered out in the bed and is then periodically back washed out of the system. The medium is not consumed in this operation.

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Automatic backwash (for high levels of contamination).  The manganese dioxide is contained in a pressure vessel and the water then passes though this. The vessel has an automatic timer fitted that backwashes (passes water in reverse) the vessel at set times, usually at night when you are not using the water.

Manual backwash (for very low levels of contamination). You turn a set of valves on, to backwash any flocculent material from the pressure vessel.

The filter is sometimes used with a pH correction medium to make sure the pH is correct for the manganese dioxide base to work. These two mediums are kept in the one tank and because of the mix we can use a smaller tank then previously used before. After the pressure vessel we fit a sediment filter to catch any particles that might get though. This is our standard 10" filter housing with a 5 or 20 micron sediment filter fitted.

Bball.gif - 906 bytesAdvantages

Negligible running costs, fully automatic backwash, or manual.  Regeneration not required on the manganese dioxide, durable material with long life, wide temperature range, no chemicals required,

This is a natural crushed ore blend free from additives and contamination.



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