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Drinking Water Filters
Do you like the taste of your drinking water?
We find most people do not. From our selection of water filters we can supply you with a water filter that will remove contaminates (including Cryptosporidium) and improve the taste.  Filtrations kits give you control over the water you drink, and offer peace of mind and extra protection against environmental contamination.

When the water tastes better so will everything else that you use it for; your cooking, tea, coffee, all drinks etc.

Most water filters are carbon based.  The drawback to the majority of these is bacterial growth.  A carbon filter has a maximum life of 6 months.  The second choice is a silver impregnated filter which is a low level poison.  
Our choice is both cost effective and safe. We use naturally occurring minerals that work together to stop any bacterial growth.  The filters are very safe to use and only need replacing every 12 months.
Bball.gif - 906 bytes KDF Filters Kits for Under Sink Water Filtering:
    Improves taste by removing chlorine and removes Cryptosporidium if present.
We can supply different types of filters for a variety of problems. For example some areas are prone to contamination by Cryptosporidium.  If Cryptosporidium gets into your local mains water, it results in your water authority asking everyone in your area to boil their water.  These filters will automatically filter out Cryptosporidium making your water safe without the need or the cost of boiling it.

The range is very large, so if you do not see what you require then, please contact us.




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