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Correcting pH Levels of Acidic Water

If your water supply has a a low pH value, it is acidic. We offer safe, simple and effective treatment for acidic water problems, which may only be apparent when your copper pipes begin to seep water and your hot water cylinder leaks.  Our solution offers:

Bball.gif - 906 bytesAutomatic pH adjustment

Bball.gif - 906 bytesLow running costs
Bball.gif - 906 bytesMaintains pH value at a safe non corrosive level
Bball.gif - 906 bytesSafe to handle
Bball.gif - 906 bytesHelps remove iron/manganese
Bball.gif - 906 bytesIncrease alkalinity
Juraperle granules are used in the form of a contact bed, though which the water passes and they dissolve slowly in response to the acidity (usually 'free CO 2' - excessive carbon dioxide) in the water. The treated water deposits a highly protective and complex film which protects tanks and pipes against corrosion and helping to cut out contamination by lead, zinc and copper.  Aqua-Juraperle is a micro-crystalline structure and is superior to ordinary lime stone mixes.  Juraperle also provides maximum surface area per unit volume, which improves the removal of turbid matter (sediment).  We also mix Corossex into the medium which helps to raise the pH, even when the water is fast flowing ie pumped through it or the pH is below 6.
Bball.gif - 906 bytesWhy Juraperle and Corossex?
The thought of adding something to your water may seem surprising.  We use this naturally occurring substance to correct acidity, which may harm you through dissolved metals (Cadmium and lead) from  copper pipes, etc. not to mention the damage it can do to your plumbing. 
Bball.gif - 906 bytesHow do I know if my water is too acidic?
The blue green stains on your bath and sink are caused by unnatural levels of dissolved metals. The medium is treated to dissolve slowly in contact with water; avoiding strong alkaline mixes that treating with neat lime can produce.
Bball.gif - 906 bytesHow is it fitted in to my water system?
pH VesselWe use a pressure vessel which is very versatile, and will accept specialised media which meet a range of water conditioning needs, in the wide variety of water quality problems.

 This vessel looks like a large oxygen cylinder (on average about 36" by 9") which is plumbed inline into the water inlet pipe that supplies your house and must be protected from frost if installed outside.

Bball.gif - 906 bytesMaintenance

The Juraperle is literally automatic, and no metering or dosing equipment is needed. All that is required is that the bed be topped-up with fresh material periodically (every 10-12 months) in order to replace the medium which has been consumed.

When using the pH vessel you would need to have some form of back wash system to clean the solids out of the medium, or use a sediment housing to keep the system clean.

We can advise you on this system.  When we know the pH of your water (tested free if you give or send us a sample), we can alter the concentration of the mixture with a dominance of Juraperle or Corossex to alter the amount of hydrogen or hydroxide ions.

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